Curriculum/Inferred Curriculum

Guidance & Counselling:

Excellent provision is made for educational and vocational guidance and for the more specialised personal counselling in the school. Students are alerted to the choices facing them at various junctures and are assisted with the problems of decision-making. These tasks are the responsibility of the Career Guidance teacher, but on a broader plane, guidance continuously exists in that the role of all teaching staff transcends mere instruction and includes assisting every student in the development of a system of values, social awareness, sound judgement and a sense of human dignity and excellence. Please note that students may be referred to the Guidance Counsellor at any time deemed necessary, without parental permission. This is normal procedure in schools and strict confidentiality is adhered to at all times.


The school is eager to foster a close relationship with parents; it regards its work as being an extension of theirs. Necessary to the achievement of the school’s philosophy is the sympathetic and sustained co-operation of parents. In the area of character formation, moral training and Christian education, a close liaison between home and school assists enormously in the transmission of those values common to both. In-keeping with these ideas, an active Patents’ Council exists in the school.

Student Council:

Initiated in the year 2002, this acts as a representative body and liaises with other students, staff, Board of Management and Parents on matters of importance to young people within the school. It is mainly a voice for young people and a forum for them to work with the structure within a school. The Student Council is an excellent opportunity for students to develop a relationship between students and staff, to encourage youth participation and to give the students a sense of responsibility.


Junior Cycle – The following subjects are taken by all First Years:
Religious Education, Irish, English, Maths, French, German, History, Geography, Business Studies, Science, Home Economics, Music, Physical Education, Civic, Social and Political Education, SPHE. Computer Studies are offered to students in Second Year.

Senior Cycle – Each student takes seven exam subjects in addition to Religious Education, Physical Education, Computers, Career Guidance and Speech/Drama (optional).
Exam Subjects – Irish, English, Maths, French, German, Home Economics, Biology, Music, Accounting, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, History, Business Organisation.
Transition Year (4th Year – Optional) has been offered to students as of September 2007.  Students partake in a very full schedule, to include Irish, English, Maths, History, Geography, Languages, Science, Music and Drama, Business and Mini-Company, Home Economics, and Recreation and Leisure.  Students partake in extra activities which vary each year.  Examples include Young Social Innovators, Challenge to Change, Young Scientist, Song School, School Musical, Law Day, Build a Bank, Driver Theory Test.
The school offers three distinct Leaving Cert. courses – the traditional academic Leaving Certificate, LCVP and LCA. Details of LCVP, LCA and TY are available on the attached sheets.

Extra – Curricular Activities:

As well as seeking to achieve high academic success, this school aims to encourage students to develop into healthy, responsible, mature citizens with a strong work ethic and a well-developed sense of personal worth. Consequently, we encourage involvement in extra-curricular activities. These include-Public Speaking, Hockey, Camogie, Basketball, Athletics, Theatre Visits, Educational Tours, Field Trips, Quizzes, Equestrian Activities, Project Work, Amnesty, Charity Work, Student Exchange. Students are also involved in National, Local and International Competitions and in Gaisce – The President’s Award.