Values in Presentation Education

The Presentation School is a Christian Catholic group of parents, pupils, teachers and management. Together we claim to share a vision of life …… a faith in God as a loving Father, a brotherhood based in, and through, the power of His spirit.

Inspired by the vision of Nano Nagle the Presentation School gives priority to:

  1. Providing its students with education for life and living
  2. Sharing and celebrating the Christian vision of life.


NanoNagleNano Nagle, foundress of the Presentation Order, lived in the eighteenth century when the great majority of people were still enslaved by poverty, unemployment and hunger. Most of all, there was an almost total lack of educational facilities for the children of the poor. She responded to the needs of her time and developed an educational curriculum suitable to the needs of her students. Today, Nano Nagle is regarded as a pioneer of Catholic education and indeed her work laid the foundation for a voluntary school system in Ireland. We are proud to be part of the great Presentation tradition build up through the ages, aware that our response must be relevant to the present time.

Education in today’s world is challenging and demanding. It requires dedication and commitment from all parties involved. It requires a willingness to be open to change, not simply for the sake of change but rather, to meet the changing needs of our times. This demands that we, the formal educators, continually assess the society and environment in which our children and we live. It demands that we be aware of the various groups who push to determine our school curriculum. Our response must be creative and relevant to the needs of our time and this requires emphasis on:-

  1. Curriculum innovations
  2. Leisure education
  3. Media education
  4. Social and political education
  5. Respect for the community
  6. Encouragement to live simply


Jesus brought light to the work. Nano Nagle rekindled that light for the people of her time. The challenge is ours today to allow the love of God to touch the hearts of our students so that they find their true meaning and purpose of life.