Guidance and Counselling Department

The role of the Guidance and Counselling service at Presentation Secondary School is to assist each student in their personal, educational and career choices, to support each student educationally, and to provide a support to students experiencing difficulties in their lives.

The service is operated by Mary Lynch, a qualified and experienced guidance counsellor, together with a strong pastoral care team consisting of Anne Kirke, Principal, Bernadette Daly, Deputy Principal, Mary Lynch, Geraldine Gunning, Year Head and Patricia Nolan, Year Head who meet weekly to discuss student issues that may arise and organise appropriate action.

Transition Year follow the Be Real Game Programme which creates a simulated society in the classroom. Students are taught that a person’s career is holistic, involving a continuous process of decision making. They experience a simulation of adult work and life whilst assuming life/work roles working in small groups functioning as communities.

In Fifth and Sixth Year, topics covered include subject choice, study skills, examination techniques, preparation for the world of work, application for further study, including CAO, UCAS and Post Leaving Certificate courses. The school has excellent IT facilities and all fifth sixth year guidance classes take place in the computer room, where students can conduct detailed, personalised career investigations.

Senior cycle students are brought to various college open days and career events and a programme of visiting speakers is organised for sixth year students.

Other class groups all receive non-formal guidance. Third years receive classes on subject choice and study skills. Psychometric instruments are used to assist them in making appropriate choices.

The Guidance Counsellor meets with First and Second Year groups to advise them on study techniques and subject choice.

The Guidance Counsellor meets with students individually by appointment. All senior cycle students receive a minimum of one appointment each year.

Leaving Certificate – Advice for choosing subjects

Career Guidance – Careers Informations for Second Level Students

Career Ireland – Students’ embarking on their career journey