Young Social Innovators

Young Social Innovators (YSI) believes that young people are a powerful and largely untapped force for change in their local communities and in wider society. Promoting and leading the way in education for social innovation in Ireland, Young Social Innovators encourages, motivates and creates new opportunities for young people to actively participate in the world around them. It seeks to engage young people wherever they are – in schools, communities, youth organizations, in families, in or out of work – and prepare them to fully take part in civic action whether through volunteerism, community service, service-learning, citizenship education, social entrepreneurship and innovation. Young Social Innovators, through its programmes and platforms, enables young people to grapple with difficult social issues, advocating reform and advancing change.

Our issue is based on bullying on the internet. This type of bullying is becoming more and more prevalent especially among young people. It is very dangerous because it can be done anonymously on sites like AskFM. Many young people take the fact that it is anonymous to mean that they can say what they want and most of what is said is very hurtful. It is also very difficult because traditionally home was a safe place away from bullies but these sites are often accessed at home and this takes away the idea of home as a sanctuary. You can be targeted at any time.

What we did:

We organised Kindness Awards in our school.

We wrote a play on cyber bullying which we performed in our school and in drama competitions e.g. Briery Gap Drama Festival and Deerpark Dramafest.

We wrote a workbook based on the play. This makes the play a useful resource for teachers.

Bullybeware Teachers Pack

We designed an anti-cyber bullying App full of Dos and DON’Ts and tips on what to do if you are a victim of cyber bullying.

This App is called Bullybeware and is available to download from the Android playstore.