Green Schools

Energy Flag – Year 2

What have we been doing?

  • We have an Energy Squad in the school, They are responsible for turning off lights and closing doors and windows at lunchtime and 3.40.
  • We have posted signs on light switches and doors to encourage students to turn off lights and close doors.
  • We have carried out surveys in the school to highlight areas where energy is being lost.
  • We held a low energy day on December 15th to highlight ways in which we waste energy.
  • Survey areas in the school re –Lighting, heating, insulation etc and display of our findings on our Green Schools board.
  • We held a Lightless Christmas Tree competition in December
  • We carried out a Temperature Survey in all of the classrooms and identified areas where we have temperatures too high or too low.
  • We joined the Walk on Wednesday campaign with the other schools in Mitchelstown.
  • We had an Action Day on March 14th, students dressed in green and were involved in a Treasure hunt and filming a song to raise awareness about Energy saving.

Green Code

The school’s main code is:

“Go Green it’s the new Scene”

New slogans were added specifically involving energy after carrying out a slogan competition.

These are: –

Warm your core close the door”

“Be a miser, use energy wiser”

“Múch an solas, Dún an doras”

“One Flick will do the trick”

“Everybody’s raving about saving