Transition Year Programme

Presentation School Philosophy
“Our school recognises that each student is unique and has different gifts as well as different needs. We endeavour to work in partnership with parents to develop these gifts and to meet the needs of all.”

The Presentation Transition Year Programme offers a broad and balanced curriculum covering such areas as enterprise, environmental and personal education as well as the core subjects namely, Irish, English and Maths.

Our Aims

    • To lay good foundation for the Leaving Certificate in core subject areas.
    • To develop responsibility, confidence and self-reliance in pupils
    • To promote teamwork which would help in the development of communication skills, social skills and active learning through project work and field studies.
    • To encourage students to become more socially aware.
    • To provide students with opportunities to develop and improve upon practical skills in relevant areas.
    • To give students the opportunity to look at different processes of problem solving and to encourage students to take more responsibility for their own learning.


The benefits of Transition Year include:

    • Discovering more about their personal strengths
    • Helping them make the right subject choice for the Leaving Certificate
    • Developing study skills for Leaving Certificate
    • Achieving improved Leaving Certificate results
    • Improving self-esteem, develop maturity and self-confidence
    • Building an extensive portfolio of skills for life, work and further education
    • Thirty five days of work experience and community experience split into 4 blocks, giving students an excellent introduction to different areas of work and community involvement


The Transition Year Programme consists of:

A – Core Subjects B – Subject Sampling C – Transition Year Specific D – Calendar Events
Irish Biology/Chemistry Mini-Company Work Experience
English Agricultural Science /Forensic Science Young Social Innovators Blackwater Outdoor Adventure Centre
Maths Artistic & Creative Skills Development Gaisce Award Community Care
Religious Studies Geography/
Environmental Studies
Theory Test (Driving Licence) Tasks/Talks
Recreational Activities History/Heritage E.C.D.L.  Build a Bank
European Language Studies Personal Development, etc Study Skills and many more  


We hope that all students who participate in Transition Year will graduate with a number of certificates such as those listed below and experiences which are invaluable!


    • School Transition Year Certificate
    • Young Entrepreneurs Certificate
    • Young Enterprise Ireland
    • Mini-Company Certificate
    • European Computer Driving Licence
    • Gaisce Award
    • First Aid Certificate/CPR Award
    • Young Social Innovators Award