Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

In keeping with our innovative and pro-active policy with regard to changing demands in education, society and in the workplace, the school will provide LCVP to fifth year students from September 2004.


The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme is a Leaving Certificate with a strong vocational aspect.

The programme consists of Leaving Certificate subjects, together with three compulsory link modules on Enterprise Education, Preparation of Work and Work Experience. Students must take at least five Leaving Certificate subjects, one of which much be Irish and a continental language or vocational language module.

The Link Modules

The Link Modules are activity-based. They usually take a total of 2 to 3 class periods per week compared with a Leaving Certificate subject, which generally takes 4 to 5 class periods in a week.

The Subject Groupings

The subject groupings put regular Leaving Certificate subjects that complement each other into groupings. There are two groupings:

  1. Specialist Groupings, in which the subject content of each subject is helpful to the other.
  2. Services Groupings, where the subjects might work well together from a business or commercial point of view.

Students must take two subjects from these groupings.

Assessment and examinations

The Leaving Certificate subjects are examined through the standard Leaving Certificate examination.

The Link Modules are assessed in a written examination representing 40% of total marks and a portfolio of coursework representing 60% of total marks.


Students receive the same certificate as other Leaving Certificate students but their Leaving Certificate includes an additional statement of the results of the Link Modules (Pass, Merit or Distinction).

Access to further study with the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

The programme gives students the same opportunity to proceed to universities and colleges as the students taking the established Leaving Certificate.

Institutes of Technology and the universities recognise the Link Modules, as well as the Leaving Certificate subjects, as follows:

Institutes of Technology: Distinction: 70 points Merit: 50 points Pass: 30 points

Universities and Dublin Institute of Technology

Distinction: 66 points Merit: 46 points Pass: 28 points