Leaving Certificate Applied

In Presentation Secondary School we are committed to catering for the educational needs of all our pupils. While the traditional Leaving Cert. serves the majority of students very well, we believe that some of our students would develop their skills, self-esteem and sense of responsibility more successfully by following an alternative course.

We introduced the Leaving Certificate Applied programme in September 1998 to provide this alternative. The Leaving Certificate Applied, like the traditional Leaving Certificate, is a two year course accredited by the Department of Education and recognised by Irish Colleges and employers.

Teaching and Learning in the Leaving Certificate Applied

  1. Promotes communication skills and personal development
  2. Develops enterprise, co-operation, self-confidence, responsibility, creativity and self-appraisal skills
  3. Promotes co-operation between the school and the local community
  4. Applies knowledge and skills to the solution of real problems
  5. Develops skills of active learning for life-long education
  6. Treats all participants equally, while recognising differences in gender, interests, aptitudes and abilities