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Download the following six documents:

Developing a Parent Student Charter

Parent and Student Charter Bill 2016 (1)



Dept_Circular (1)



Dear Parents

Agenda Item for your next Parent Association meeting.

The Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton T.D., published the General Scheme of an Education (Parent and Student Charter) Bill 2016 on 5th December 2016.  Under this legislation all schools will have to develop a Parent and Student Charter.

The circular from the Department of Education and Skills and the General Scheme of this Bill are attached to this email.  These outline and explain the intentions of the bill.  Also attached is an explanatory document setting out the basis for introducing a statutory charter in each school.

The Minister intends to publish statutory guidelines which will direct how the Parents and Student Charter will be developed locally in each school.  The purpose of this communication with your Parent Association is to involve your school in the consultation process to develop these guidelines.

As the National Parent Association for Voluntary Catholic Schools FED-CSSPA is writing to all schools to invite your involvement in this process.  We are asking you to put this on the agenda of your January and February meetings for discussion.  Attached are documents to assist you in this discussion, Topics for Discussion and a suggested Feedback form.  Please feel free to use this feedback form or to submit your own document.

We are also inviting you to attend your National Annual Parent Conference on 25th February 2017 where a feedback session on the Parents and Student Charter will finalise our submission to the Department of Education and Skills.


In Summary

  1. Download and circulate the documentation to your parents or circulate the link to the documentation on our website www.fcsspa.ie/parents.html
  2. Discuss at your meeting
  3. Complete the feedback form and save it using the name of your school as the file name i.e if your school is St Mary’s Secondary School Cavan you will name the file stmaryscavan
  4. Email the feedback form to info@fcsspa.ie
  5. Download the Attendee form for the annual conference on www.fcsspa.ie/events.html, complete and email to info@fcsspa.ie

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me

Barbara Johnston

Communications Officer
087 6782506