Presentation Secondary School celebrate excellence at their Awards Ceremony

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The annual award ceremony at Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown took place on May 7th. This is a particularly special day in the calendar for our school, where we get the chance to celebrate and showcase the talents and ability of our students and honour the girls in so many areas of the school’s endeavours – some include academic excellence, perseverance, sport, music, leadership and commitment to school life.

Students, parents, staff, members of our Board of Management, Parents’ council, a representative from our Trustee body, CEIST and representatives from Mitchelstown Credit Union, all gathered for this celebration.

Senior members of our school choir treated the crowd to a magical performance. They entertained the gathering with a beautiful rendition of a ‘Fields of Gold”, followed by “Feel Good”. A special thank you to our music teachers, Ms Edel McEniry and Mrs Marie Lineen for their continued involvement and commitment to all of our choir groups, rehearsals, performances and musicals. The students and teachers here certainly exemplify the Presentation ethos by always giving of their time and demonstrating such commitment.

Mr Martin Quirke, Chairperson of the Board of Management, addressed the crowd, recognizing the wonderful achievements not only of the award recipients but also of all students in the school.

In the Principal’s address, Ms Lorraine O’Keeffe congratulated all students and spoke of how justifiably proud all staff are of the entire student body. She also commended and thanked the dedicated staff. She spoke of their generous involvement both in the classroom and in all areas of extra-curricular activities. She mentioned that Teachers at Presentation Mitchelstown “strive for excellence in Teaching and Learning both inside and beyond the classroom”.

The awards committee wishes to thank Mitchelstown Credit Union for the continued generous sponsorship of this event. The Credit Union has always been keen to support this special ceremony and we are most appreciative of their generosity. Thank you to Mr Dermot Long for presenting prizes on the day and to Mr Ian Malcom for his inspiring words.

A special thank you also to Fiona Turley for her work and creativity around the gifts and for sponsoring the Endeavour Award.
Also thank you to our second year student Aileen Kent for show casing her artistic creativity by designing the cover of our awards’ booklet.

List of Award Recipients from the academic year 2013-14

Attendance award
Full attendance is always recognized and encouraged as it develops habits of commitments and good practice, which pays dividends beyond school years

1st year
Shauna Maunsell Julie Moran
Sarah Burke Aisling Cremins
Aileen Kent Sarah Kent
Pratibha Sapkota

2nd Year
Katie Aherne Julie Dalton
Róisín Guerin Olivia Colgan
Jemma Kenneally Aoife Murphy
Rebecca Murphy Ciara O’Shea

3rd Year
Áine Keane Emma O’Brien
Rachel Doyle

5th Year
Tara Curtin Samadi Dedigamuwa
Yvonne Doyle Áine O’Brien

6th Year
Emma Hurley Katie O’Callaghan
Shauna Ryan Carolyn McDonnell
Niamh Mullins

Kelly Boland

Student Awards:
The student awards are presented to students who always see beyond, who are ready to lend a helping had, they stand out among a student body and uphold the ethos of our school.

1st Year – Lucy Roche
2nd Year – Jade McDonnell
3rd Year – Ciara Roche
Transition Year – Annette O’Donnell
LCA 1 – Clodagh Hyland
5th Year – Samadi Dedigamuwa
LCA 2 – Sarah White
6th Year – Shauna O’Sullivan

Academic Awards:
This group of awards recognise excellence of academic achievement. This kind of success is characterized by consistency and hard work.

1st Year Éadaoin Joy
2nd Year Aoife Murphy
3rd Year Eve O’Sullivan
Transition Year Ciara Leonard
LCA 1 Shannon O’Flaherty
5th Year Gemma Kent
LCA 2 Kelly Boland
6th Year Rachel Lane and Leah Fitzsimons

Nano Nagle Award: John Paul 11 Award recipients
This award recognizes student’s ability to respond to school and community needs in ways that are remarkable in time, generosity, selflessness and awareness of the needs of others. These students, like Nano Nagle, are able to light the lantern for others and go one step beyond.

Kelly Boland Megan Fitzgerald
Laura Guerin Maeve Lewis
Emily McMillan Annette O’Donnell
Rebecca O’Regan Niamh Palmer
Ciara Roche Sarah White

This award has been introduced this year for the first time. It is designed for a student who lives out the values of the CEIST Charter. Catherine McCormack, Faith and Governance Coordinator with our Trustees CEIST presented this award to Annette O’Donnell.

Music Awards
We are always excited to honour our musically gifted students. They have always been available to proudly represent our school. The junior award went to Carol Goff and the senior award went to Aoife O’Donoghue.

Sports Awards
It has been a huge year on the sporting front for Presentation Secondary. Great success on the Basketball courts, camogie field, soccer and football pitch along with a strong interest in tennis and the running club. The junior Sports award went to Chloe Barry and Janet Norris was presented with the senior award. Clodagh McGrath was awarded the Kathleen Lane-Aherne perpetual trophy.

Endeavour Award:
The Endeavour award was presented to Gemma Kent, a student that no matter what faces her each day, she rises to each challenge and never without a smile on her face. She has applied herself to every aspect of school life.